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A Barebone PC

  • 51W Black Mid Tower Case 450W PS
  • Asus K8V-MX Soc-754 ATX MB
  • AMD 2800+ 2.0 GHz CPU & Fan
  • Please read the rules before entering the contest
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  1. Only One Entry Allowed Per Person Per Registration period [drawings are held every three months]
  2. Multiple First/Last Name, E-Mail Address, or Home Address entries count as one person.
  3. On the first day of the third month (January, April, July, & October) a drawing will be held with one lucky winner receiving a Complete Computer System.
  4. The winner's name, city, and state will be posted on our Homepage and an E-mail will be sent to the winner.
  5. Only One Winning Entry Allowed Per Person/Household Per Year.
  6. In order for your entry to be eligible for the monthly drawing you must include an E-MAIL address in your entry form. All entries without an e-mail address will not be eligible for the contest.
  7. All duplicate entries to our contest will be removed from the system. Only your original entry will remain. If we continue to receive duplicate entries after this warning, we may remove all of your entries from our giveaway at our discretion.
  8. Note: By registering to win a FREE Barebone System you are also authorizing us to add your name and e-mail address to our mailing list.
  9. After receiving an advertisment from us via e-mail you will have the chance to remove your name from our server. Please note that if you remove your name from our list and then register with us the following month your name will be automatically added into our database and you will need to remove it again.
  10. Advertisements we send out via e-mail may contain ads from our customers and not necessarily Computer Specialist. Please note: that when we do this our customers DO NOT have your e-mail address in their possession. We DO NOTand WILL NOT sell or give your e-mail address to anyone.
  11. To prevent complaints of sending out spam e-mails we do record your information, including IP address, in your registration.