Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

A bi-Monthly program is available where a Technician from Computer Specialist will come in and Maintain your Business or Home PC. Cost of this program is $155 per PC. If you have 5 or more PC’s and you would like them maintained the cost would be $135 per PC. Following is a short compilation of work performed under the maintenance program (not all work completed is listed below).

Your computer case(s) is opened and any dust or debris will be vacuumed from the PC.

All cable connections are checked for wear and tear to ensure 100% connectivity to your peripherals.

Your computer case is closed and sealed up. Case, monitor, and keyboard are dusted off and your mouse cleaned.

Our diagnostics program is run on the system's hardware to ensure proper operation of your PC’s peripherals.

Upon completion of our diagnostics, all temp files are removed then we will defrag the hard drive.

A written health report will then be done and given to the appropriate personnel.