What RMM Can Do For You

What RMM Can Do For You

24x7 Monitoring

Using the latest technology in RMM software, we monitor your workstations 24x7x365 applying the latest patches and software updates.

Save Time

Our RMM software notifies us of any potential software or hardware issues, in real-time, allowing us to jump ahead of any needed repair.

Save Money

The utilization of our RMM Software helps ensure that your infrastructure stays healthy without the cost of a full-time IT department.

It's Like Having Your Own IT Department

Computer Specialist is a Managed Service Provider.  Using the latest technology in Remote Maintenance and Monitoring software, Computer Specialist will monitor your workstations 24x7 applying the latest patches and software updates.  Computer Specialist can also provide and monitor Antivirus and Disaster Remediation tools in the event of a catastrophic failure.  The price of this service is dependent on the services required on a per month basis based upon the number of Workstations, or Servers managed.

As part of the plan there is never a cost for service calls, the only additional cost on a service call would be if any new hardware was required.  As part of the on-boarding process, there will be a small client installed on all monitored systems.  All devices will be opened cleaned and inspected to ensure all cables and cords are in proper working order.  Please contact Computer Specialist to find out more about our Managed Service Provider plan and how we can tailor it to your needs.

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